VIRTUALTIMES VR environment: Waiting Room

VIRTUALTIMES is a European research project that aims to study the sense of time and treat altered time perceptions caused by psychopathologies.

In partnership with Psious (Psico Smart App S.L.), the project uses virtual reality to immerse participants in environments that recreate situations where time speeds up or slows down.

A waiting room is the virtual environment wherein participants will experience time without any explicit task. As they wait, they consequently perceive that time goes slow.


Virtual reality lets the users have high control of the experience. In the waiting room, investigators can control variables such as density, speed of movement, and synchronization, depending on the needs of the session.

All video content is property of Human-Computer Interaction, University of Würzburg.

Virtualtimes is funded by the European Union.This project goal is to provide individuals with opportunities to re-experience and normalize a variant and distorted sense of time.

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