The main goal of VIRTUALTIMES is to develop and provide game-based Virtual Reality Technology, called MetaChron.

MetaChron will allow to study time experience including experiential, behavioural and neural measures and will enable the manipulation of time experience based on robust and user-friendly VR research scenarios.

This innovative neuroadaptive technology will allow to study, manipulate and ameliorate distortions of the sense of time and core symptoms of psychopathological conditions.

Example of VR Time-base Therapy Session using the Spaceship Environment:

MetaChron: Neuro-Adapted starfield velocity VR

MetaChron is a VR application designed to adjust our sense of time using tools from virtual reality. MetaChron-AI seeks to use biosignals, such as brain-waves or heart-rate, to estimate mental states and adjust time-related aspects of the world in virtual-reality.

In the next demo, we show how this achieved using EEG to detect imaginary running without physically moving, and relaxation. We trained classifiers based on EEG features using machine learning, thus enabling real-time classification of brain data. These are then used to detect whenever someone is thinking of running, which is used to increase the speed of stars moving in VR. Thus, we provide the power of moving at lightspeed using merely their powers of imagination.