VIRTUALTIMES VR environments: Spaceship

Virtualtimes is a European research project that aims to study the sense of time and treat patients with disturbances related to time perceptions.

In partnership with Psious (Psico Smart App S.L.), virtual reality is used to immerse participants in environments that recreate situations where the perception of time is altered.

Spaceship is an interactive virtual environment where participants train their ability to predict the appearance of a visual target. The game consists of a sci-fi robot embedded within a moving spaceship. 


The goal of the participants is to answer visual targets and describe their experiences. An EEG is also used to monitor them.

The hypothesis is that the participants will feel time acceleration by using the Spaceship environment.

All video content is property of Human-Computer Interaction, University of Würzburg.

Virtualtimes is funded by the European Union. This project goal is to provide individuals with opportunities to re-experience and normalize a variant and distorted sense of time.